Ministry of Health PPE Survey- April 6th 2020

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Canadian Dental Protective AssociationCDPA Notice to Members

Notice to Members About the Ministry of Health PPE Survey

We have all been notified by the RCDSO that under order of the Minister of Health we have been mandated to complete this inventory survey. On Friday April 3, 2020, we received updated guidance on how to fill out the various sections on the excel spreadsheet. Make no mistake, this survey is mandatory for us to complete.

To be absolutely clear, we are in a government and Chief Medical Officer of Health declared State of Emergency, and as health care providers it’s also our ethical and moral duty to do our part during this grim crisis.

I have been contacted by many dentists who have not, do not want to, or have refused to complete this survey. This is not optional. We are advising you to complete the survey in the next two business days if at all possible.

As always, please feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns during this most trying time.


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